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1.5% for Green Energy Technology in Public Buildings

1 Project name:
2 Project address:
Zip code:
3 Building owner (public body):
4 Reporting person:
5 Electric utility:
6 Fossil fuel utilities/suppliers:
7 Predominant project type:
8 Total contract price. See OAR 330-135-0015 for definition of Total contract price
9 Continue to 10.
10 Min. green energy budget: $ 
11 Does the public body consider green energy technology feasible
appropriate for that location? See OAR 330-135-0015 for definition of terms
12 A review of the away-from-the-site compliance or deferral determination is required.
Date of review request submission:

13 Technical panel determination of appropriateness, cost effectiveness or deferment:
14 If public body final determination does not agree with that of technical panel,
all the reasons against technical panel determination must be stated below:
15 Will the project be deferred?
16 Provide details of a project to which funds will be deferred and an
anticipated project starting date

17 Provide address of the away-from-the-site location:
Zip code:
18 Estimated construction start date:
19 Estimated occupancy date of that project:
20 Indicate type of the proposed green energy technology:

21 Total amount spent on the green energy technology
22 Proposed green energy technology details. If technology is financed
through alternative financing, list the source and amount.
23 Est. annual production (or savings) of green energy technology system:
kWh           Millions Btu 
24 Estimated annual usage of green energy at the site:
kWh           Millions Btu 
25 Estimated annual value of green energy production:
26 Additional new renewable electricity generation (kWh):